The Day BBC Spotlight came to The Kings Arms!

On Thursday evening we received a phone call from Hamish Marshall at the BBC asking if he could come and film at The Kings Arms, as our local CAMRA branch had recommended us as a good example of a dog-friendly pub! Turns out that CAMRA's new Good Beer Guide app has identified Devon as having the most dog-friendly pubs in the country - and this was to be on the weekend news.

Baldrick, Moss, Harry, Joker, Tinchy, Mungo and more arrived at the pub on Friday lunchtime, all ready for TV stardom. All were on their best behaviour and they even allowed their humans to be interviewed. Moss the Dartmoor Dog blogger tells the story best....

"To say yesterday was toptastic just doesn't do it justice – it was supermegawowser!! We were asked to nip into our local, The Kings Arms, South Zeal at midday (ha - She didn't need any encouragement!) as the BBC was coming to film a piece about dog-friendly pubs in Devon. Well, as you can imagine my personal friend Carolyn, the landlady, instantly thought of me! So off we trotted - and even before we got to the pub we met Michael with his two dogs walking up the road. Next, Baldrick sauntered in, and then - be still my beating heart - Harry arrived!!! I got a bit swoony, but I managed to still look nonchalant... I think. Anyway, there was a whole gang of us in the pub by then, it was brilliant, all milling about, saying hi, etc.I had a couple of nice moments with Harry... And then the people from BBC Spotlight arrived!!! So exciting! A nice man with a microphone came and spoke to everyone and another nice man with a great big camera thing and a big bright light went around filming everyone! I did a really excellent piece to camera (Although I did have to give the fluffy microphone a bit of a stare as it looked like a squirrel) and the cameraman said I was a natural. I gave him a kiss, I was a bit smitten. Then they interviewed Her. I mean, 'rabbit in the headlights' or what?! This could be my big break but I do worry She might have blown it, She should just leave all this publicity stuff to me. Anyway, all things being equal (which they rarely are) we should be on the TV today or tomorrow - whoop whoop!"

All things were equal, and the piece was aired on Radio Devon and BBC Spotlight today. We look forward to welcoming you and your dog in the future!

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